Ask for Express Shipping and we ship within 48 hours, all over Europe

Our solid reputation was built on the trust of our customers. At Scyphus, we ensure complete customer satisfaction through prompt and courteous service. From the very moment clients make the initial contact, we guarantee to be always there to assist them in every way possible.

Our highly-motivated team has always understood that customer satisfaction is at the core of our business and that apart from offering the finest quality products, we should equally do our best to deliver them as fast as possible. To date, our rapid delivery services across Europe- done within 48 hours on rush orders- have also helped us become one of the leaders on the market.

We offer various shipping options for customer convenience

At Scyphus, our customers know that we truly care about their requirements and that we appreciate the opportunity to become their long-term partner. In this sense, we offer personalised services, competitive rates without any hidden costs, and high efficiency. At the same time, delivery is a decisive factor that we take into consideration as we understand that every single customer hates waiting for a long time to receive products bought.

Subsequently, to effectively service our customers in a competitive manner, we actively pursue quality customer service, attention to detail, communication and follow-through on every order. We equally propose various options give our customers the freedom to have their own choice. At Scyphus, our delivery time is 8-15 working days. However, we have devised various other options: our Ultra Express option requires 3 working days, our Standard Express option requires 4-7 working days, and our Economy option requires 8-12 weeks. Understanding that customers can be in a hurry, we equally propose the Express shipping option. It is provided on rush orders and the products are shipped within 48 hours of order receipt. Overland dispatch normally reaches the destination on the next day.

We have thought of solutions to possible obstacles

Delivery can be subject to multiple factors. We, hence, bear in mind possible obstacles that can crop up and we have come up with appropriate solutions too. For instance, to allow hassle-free and on-time shipping, we provide free storage for bulk orders. In this manner, our customers can have peace of mind and can be assured that their products will be shipped on time.

Other hassles that can arise are events that are outside of our reasonable control. Coined as “Forces Majeures”, these events generally comprise of disasters, acts or accidents such fire, storms, explosions, floods, earthquakes, epidemic or other natural disasters. Strikes, lock-outs and other industrial actions, civil commotions, riots, invasions, terrorist attacks or threats of terrorist attack are also a few examples of what is considered as a “Force Majeure” event. Even if our activities are suspended the time in the case of such events, we, nevertheless, do our best to find a solution rapidly.


We also strongly recommend our customers to check charges, relevant laws and regulations of their country regarding imports to avoid any breach. Products ordered from us for delivery outside the UK may be subject to taxes or import duties.

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