When Biodegradable Paper Cups Go Beyond Green

A biodegradable paper cup is a coffee cup designed from food-safe paper boards and renewable cornstarch films (PLA). Because of its greenness, it has become popular, and demand has spiked up.

Beyond Green
Beyond Green

Today, most green businesses serve coffee in this sustainable coffee cup. Authorities around the globe are also banning plastic for biodegradable items. 

Meanwhile, eco-conscious customers, especially millennials, prefer a biodegradable paper cup. Research shows that over 73% of people can pay a premium for sustainable products. 

Somehow, most people love a biodegradable paper cup for its green benefits. As a result, its extra usefulness doesn’t garner the deserved attention. What you need to know is that there’s more to biodegradable paper cups’ beyond its greenness. Read on to learn more. 

Cost Cutting Tool

Transforming an ordinary business into a sustainable one takes a lot of courage. You may incur a lot of costs and make tons of sacrifices. Some staff or customers may take longer to appreciate the change despite the plain benefits. 

Cost Cutting
Cost Cutting

Likewise, when shifting to biodegradable paper cups, you’ll incur some costs. Sometimes, sustainable coffee cups may be a little pricier than its (PE) alternative.

Let’s face it. Every magnificent thing comes at a cost. But what matters are the long-term benefits. In the long run, biodegradable paper cups can boost your brand’s image. And also shave off some of your marketing costs. Instead of buying ad space, you’ll advertise on your coffee cups without extra spending.

Built for CSR

Biodegradable paper cups are about helping your brand to go green and also benefiting your community. You may use them to differentiate your brand. But ultimately, your society can benefit immensely.

Corporate social responsibility

As sustainable utensils, they will help to show off your concern for the environment. Lessened pollution or reduced fossil fuel exploration helps to curb global warming. Again, with bio paper cups being recyclable, they will help to keep the environment clean.

Using sustainable coffee cups helps to engage customers and build critical relationships. Your new message will be about something positive, that can quickly impress them. It will smoothen communication and strengthen your business’ connection to the community.

Useful for Branding

Thinking about an alternative way to advertise your business? Why not do it sustainably with branded biodegradable paper cups?

Every brand, no matter the industry, enjoys a slew of coffee lovers as customers. In your business, chances are every visiting customer is a coffee lover. By serving them coffee in branded biodegradable paper cups, you can create a deep connection on the spot.

Besides, people drink coffee everywhere. Your brand can gain unexpected visibility in parks, conferences, malls or career fairs. 

Not to forget the expanding eco-conscious customers’ segment. More people want to drink their coffee from an environmentally friendly coffee cup. If you can adapt and embrace green coffee cups, your customer base can expand quickly.

Suitable for a Better Consumer Experience

Happy customers are the drivers of your return on investment. The more satisfied customers you have, the higher the sales, and the better your ROI. This is because happy customers can grow into loyalists and bring countless referrals. 

Research shows that 49% of businesses improve their ROI after investing in building customer relations. 

How do biodegradable paper cups influence customer relations? Well, it’s clear, coffee drinking is about the coffee plus how you serve it. And with most people leaning on sustainability, you have only one way to impress them. That’s by using sustainable coffee cups.

Biodegradable paper cups improve your customers coffee experience. They are more comfortable to dispose of and leave a lesser imprint on the environment. That means your customers won’t stress about harming the planet. 

Safe Vessels for Drinking Coffee

Nobody expects any harm from an eating or drinking utensil. Too bad, you may have used toxic coffee cups, especially if you’re a fan of takeouts. Styrofoam and some plastic coffee cups may expose you to harmful chemicals.

Biodegradable paper cups are not only green, but they also use food-safe raw materials. A genuine bio paper cup is a mix of chemical-free paper, and a PLA filament. Also, a responsible manufacturer will use food-safe printing inks to ensure the most safety.

But how do you know whether your paper cups are safe for human use? Well, to begin with, where you buy your biodegradable paper cups matters a lot. Not every manufacturer is genuine or observes expected health standards.

In that respect, you may need to visit your seller to confirm their approach to health standards. Or do a background check on your sellers to verify their integrity. 

Promoting Quality

After sustainability, quality is the most demanded factor in coffee cups. People want a coffee cup that can ensure they drink their coffee in peace. As a brand, you want value for your money. Plus, your reputation is always at stake.

Gladly, a genuine biodegradable paper cup meets all the quality expectations. For instance, here’s a biodegradable paper cups seller you can count on. Biopapercups makes exceptional paper cups that take care of all the desired qualities.

First, they use high-quality food-safe 300 GSM boards for their paper cups’ rigidity. Second, they shifted to a PLA coating to boost the recyclability of their coffee cups. Note, PLA is also compostable. Next, they use food-safe printing inks. 

This is a coffee cup that can keep your customers’ coffee warm for over three hours. It’s comfortable to hold because of its reliable PLA heat insulation. You can easily print or design on its materials, making it a perfect promotional tool.

A Right Coffee Cup the Right Time

Biodegradable paper cups may be all green. But what’s important is whether they can suit your customers’ needs. 

Coffee at the right time

As seen, they can meet your customers’ tastes and preferences. As high-quality, safe and cost-effective coffee cups, they can be perfect for your business.

Above all, this coffee cup is cut out for the present and the future. All eco-conscious generations are likely to favour it for its sustainability.