Paper Cup Sleeves or Java Jackets

The perfect heat barrier for your biodegradable, compostable single wall cold cups

Paper Cup Sleeves are ideal for both Paper and PET Cups, especially required as an additional layer of insulation when you are serving a piping hot drink in a single wall paper cup.
Cup sleeves are designed to perfectly wrap around your cup and give you a comfortable hold while you enjoy your drink or food.
Java Jackets as Coffee Cup Sleeves are popularly known as, are made of plain paper and are biodegradable always, and if you have compostable single wall cups, these would be the best heat absorbents for your cup and keep your entire cup and accessory biodegradable.


the salient features of Paper Cup Sleeves or Java Jackets

  • Full Colour Print
  • Food Safe Inks
  • Cost Effective
  • High Quality Paper  from Sustainable Mills
  • Recyclable, Biodegradable and Compostable

Catalogue of Paper Cup Sleeves or Java Jackets Shipping Box Sizes

Size Top Rim Diameter Bottom Rim Diameter Height QTY/CTN CTN Dimensions
8oz n/a n/a n/a 1000 300x300x228mm
12oz n/a n/a n/a 1000 300x300x228mm
16oz n/a n/a n/a 1000 300x300x228mm

Benefits of Paper Cup Sleeves or Java Jackets

Printed Paper Cups have always been the favourite micro branding platform that people choose, and now with the 100% Biodegradable and 100% Compostable Paper Cups, the problem of contributing to land mass and water body pollution by contaminating the environment because the PE coated paper was not biodegradable, is gone forever. Wrap them with the 100% pure paper Java Jackets and you never have to worry about accountability again.

Possible uses of Paper Cup Sleeves or Java Jackets

Increased comfort and safety for both customer and staff. Sleeves pre-assembled on cups are available. Like all our branded printed paper products, the printed sleeves are a great place to promote your brand too.