Biodegradable Vending Cups

Cups that fit all vending machines, are compostable and saves wastage too

Biodegradeable Paper Cups Biodegradable Paper Cups for Vending Machines are the latest addition to our product range. For those that are new to the coffee and coffee cup manufacturing industry, vending cups are double wall paper cups, much as your regular branded coffee cup but are slightly different in quantity and dimensions.
While a coffee shop would offer its patrons large cups ranging between 12 oz and the more popular 16 oz double wall cups. The same is not a wise choice when used in conjunction with a self service vending machine, often installed in institutions and offices, and more than often at a subsidised cost per cup of coffee, or even free. In such a scenario, research shows that most people don't drink the entire cup and there is a regular loss of coffee or any other drink being served. Moreover, often at vending machines, patrons are not comfortable with the large cup that comes with a lid, and would rather take a sip from a smaller cup and walk away. Thus, the capacity of the vending cups is  what differentiates them from the regular coffee shop cup. Another important factor determining their size is the feeling of holding a good amount of coffee while at the same time not wasting any, this has resulted in the vending cups being almost as tall as a regular paper coffee cup but slimmer than them, so that the total volume is less and can prevent wastage. The third important factor is, ease of use at the vending station, the cups have to fit under different vending machine designs and their nozzles, and this has led Scyphus to design two more branded vending cup sizes to their range, viz. the 6 oz and 7 oz branded vending cups.        


the salient features of Biodegradable Vending Cups

  • Full Colour Print.
  • Food Safe Inks.
  • Can be custom printed up to 8 colours.
  • good grade with food Paperboard used is food grade Polylactic Acid (PLA) lamination.
  • Minimum 300 gsm boards used.
  • Unlimited design options.
  • provide your own design or we design for you.
  • Minimum order 1000 cups for 4, 6, 7, 8,12oz and 16oz

Catalogue of Biodegradable Vending Cups Shipping Box Sizes

Size Top Rim Diameter Bottom Rim Diameter Height QTY/CTN CTN Dimensions
4oz 61mm 45mm 65mm 3000 585X450X360mm
6oz 73mm 52.5mm 79.5mm 3000 585X450X360mm
7oz 73mm 48mm 101mm 3000 585X450X360mm
8oz 80mm 56mm 90mm 1000 500x420x340mm
12oz 90mm 56mm 115mm 1000 585X450X360mm
16oz 90mm 56mm 136mm 900 585X450X360mm

Benefits of Biodegradable Vending Cups

For cold drink vending machines, single wall cups of the 7oz tall size is more popularly used while for hot drink vending machines the short cups are more in use. The PLA coating and the thick high quality board used provides excellent insulation but for better heat insulation if you are serving very hot drinks, you might require cup sleeves or go for Double Wall Cups. The cups are environment friendly, they are biodegradable and compostable.

Possible uses of Biodegradable Vending Cups

Coffee and Tea vending machines, Soft drink vending machines of popular brands.