Beyond Green

When Biodegradable Paper Cups Go Beyond Green

A biodegradable paper cup is a coffee cup designed from food-safe paper boards and renewable cornstarch films (PLA). Because of its greenness, it has become popular, and demand has spiked up.

Beyond Green
Beyond Green

Today, most green businesses serve coffee in this sustainable coffee cup. Authorities around the globe are also banning plastic for biodegradable items. 

Environmental Benefits

What are the Health & Environmental Benefits of Biodegradable Paper Cups?

With all the talk of coffee cups causing waste, drinking coffee can sometimes sound like an environmental crime. 

But thanks to biodegradable paper cups, the negative perceptions are fading. This paper cup contains plant-based films which are planet-friendly, unlike plastic coatings. 

Country of Origin Sustainability

Today, you can buy biodegradable paper cups from a domestic supplier or import from China. There are ups and downs to buying from either side. If you buy from China, you’re likely to enjoy lower prices at the expense of quality. Sometimes, your batch may be delayed in port or in the manuafturing process, this could have a negative impact on your day to day business.

Reasons to Use Recyclable Paper Cups Today

Reasons to Use Recyclable Paper Cups Today
We know recyclable Paper cups as a sustainable and resilient utensil for takeout fans. Their production process and insulation differ from their traditional counterparts. 

Given their friendliness, they are now the most popular option for coffee lovers. Today, more and more people gear towards a recyclable coffee cup. Everybody now demands a coffee cup that can boost the circular economy.

Branded biodegradable Paper Cups UK and Other 4 Ways to Promote Made in the UK

As a UK brand, there are tons of ways you can count on to promote your products. Besides branded paper cups UK, you can invest in SEO, social media, or “Made in the UK” labelling. Every promotional tactic has its nuts and bolts, and so you need to know what can suit your brand.

How to Buy Biodegradable Paper Cups in 4 Easy Steps

Buying branded paper cups for your establishment, shouldn’t be a struggle. In this article, we will take you through four easy steps of buying biodegradable paper cups.

We expect onward you’ll be able to buy coffee cups that always promote your green credentials.