As a UK brand, there are tons of ways you can count on to promote your products. Besides branded paper cups UK, you can invest in SEO, social media, or “Made in the UK” labelling. Every promotional tactic has its nuts and bolts, and so you need to know what can suit your brand. 

Before we jump into our topic, you must understand why the heavy focus on the UK. Generally, selling a product is always a herculean task. And it’s a given you’ll face a ton of challenges before hitting your sales targets.

UK Brands’ Unique Challenges


But for a British brand, we have more unique challenges. First, Brexit came with its repercussions, and it may worsen our skill gap problem. Second, dwindling consumer confidence continues to hurt their spending. Meanwhile, business rates continue to overwhelm most entrepreneurs.

Not to forget our prices may not be very attractive with the pound weakening since the EU referendum. Also, competition continues to increase as e-commerce expands. Sites such as Amazon can meet some consumer needs.

So, here’s the big question! How can you increase sales and build your UK brand amidst all these challenges? Don’t look far. The next part of this article will provide you with the tactics to set your brand apart and boost sales.

How to Promote Your UK Brand

Preach the Benefits of Made in the UK

The internet has made it possible to access products from all corners of the world. You can be in the UK, and make an order of branded biodegradable & recyclable paper cups from the US. It’s this freedom that has made your customers hard to convince and convert.

Price, designs and a unique flair could be the only reason your customers are loyal to Aliexpress and so on. Unfortunately, most people are oblivious on the benefits of buying domestically produced products. And if you want to set yourself apart, it’s best to educate your users on why they should buy made in the UK.

You can talk of the quick lead times or quality benefits accessible in British products. More, the coronavirus pandemic has taught us the value of local manufacturing to sustain demand. These are things your customers need to know when they are buying.

Label and Brand as a Domestic Label

There’s power in labelling your products, made in British or made in the UK. Research on worldwide consumption and demand shows people associate British products with quality. Meanwhile, domestic brand loyalty is high as reports show customers are willing to spend more on local products.

Labelling your products helps people across the globe to identify them. What to do, trust in research. It shows there’s an immense pull towards products tagged as Made in the UK/British than other nations. While Germany and the US may come close, China falls far behind in customer preferences.

Maximize on Branded Paper Cups and Your Promotional Materials

Building your brand
Building Your Brand

Unless you’re famous in your industry, even the domestic customer may not know your brand. Thus, you need to invest in the branding tools that can take your business to a broader audience.

Promotional items help to create awareness about your products. They also help you to build a connection with customers and leave an imprint of your brand in their mind.

Think of biodegradable paper cups that can cater to millions of coffee, tea, and ice cream lovers. Consider branded T-shirts or mugs because of their timeless value.

And if you want to maximize on the branded materials output, blend them with social media. For instance, share the photos of your staff using biodegradable & compostable paper cups on social media. Or seek a niche influencer to don your merchandise and share their pictures online.

In short, give your best to ensure your promotional items attract high publicity.

Sell on an Identity of High Quality

High Quality products
Sell on quality

Research shows customers are willing to pay an extra 22% for British products because of higher quality.

According to Barclays, Brand Britain continues to appeal to more global customers. And it demonstrates the need and room for UK businesses to venture overseas.

Baihas Baghdadi, Barclays’ head of trade and working capital says. “The landscape looks positive for British exporters with global consumers going out of their way to buy British products”.

As customers identify British products with quality, you need to meet their expectations. Focus on producing quality to protect the British image. Then, integrate quality as part of your branding statements.

Tell Your Brands’ Story

Apart from your logos, and “Made in the British” label, you need a brand story to be able to connect to your prospects. Everyone around the globe wants to know the “why” of your business. Why do you design branded paper cups or sell reusable mugs? What’s your motivation? Why should customers care to buy from your brand instead of going to Aliexpress?

Uri Hasson, a neuroscientist at Princeton University, explains the power of storytelling in a TedTalk. He says stories can help us to make everyone depict our messages better. Their study reports a simultaneous brain activity between the participants that enhances understanding.

For your branding story to hit your audience, make it simple. Focus on the problem, and your struggles to overcome it. Then unleash the solution to offer hope and optimism to your audience. It’s also best to highlight your personality in the story. That’s telling your customers your general values and what you stand for.

Join UK Branding Sites and Campaigns

Listing your business on sites that promote “made in the UK” can give your brand immense exposure. Most customers refer to the sites for British products, and they can be your best tool to display your brand.

For instance, MakeitBritish lists UK manufacturers and helps customers find British products. StillMade In Britain promotes and advertises British manufactured products. Currently, over 800 companies list their businesses on its website.

The Department of Internal Trade lists and helps UK businesses to find export markets. You can also find export guidelines here which can help you to prepare to sell your products overseas.

Promote and Buy “Made in the UK”

Buying British M`ade Products
Buying British

With all these tips in your hand, nothing should block your way to expand your brand. Britain is an icon of superior quality. And that’s a fantastic foundation for your branding efforts. More, if you need branding help, visit our website for branded paper cups and other tools to promote your business.