See where you stand with your recycling habit

recycling paper cups infographic

PE Coated Paper Cups are Recycled, yes, but not easily. Plants that recycle traditional paper cups have special machinery to separate the thin bonded PE coating from the paper, and there are limitations there too. If the cups are contaminated with food or the PE coating disintegrates, the paper is contaminated and recycling it is a costly process. Hence many of the paper cups we use end up in land fills, most of them gets recycle rejected because of reasons cited above, and the people at large has a role in that too. That is, not choosing the right bin while disposing of paper cups, resulting in mixing with food and other contaminants that can hamper the recycling process. Let's take a quick peek into the recycling habits of the people inn general through this infographic. See where you stand yourself and where can you improve your habits and help the recycling process.

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