Ensuring Sustainability

You’ve heard of the praiseworthy aspects and the shortcomings of biodegradable paper cups. The most significant positive; they use plant-based films that are easier to breakdown.

Without doubt you’ll want to scrutinize coffee cups more to establish any new tweaks, given the past coffee cup problems, howerver it’s OK to hold some doubts about any sustainable item.

Whats more, here’s the truth. PLA coated biodegradable paper cups embrace many elements of green products. Besides a PLA coating, they comprise renewable paper sourced from controlled woodlands. Next, we will unpack all the features of biodegradable paper cups to help clear your mind.

Sourced from Renewable Materials

Renewable resourses

With biodegradable paper cups, there’s always a question of environmental impact.

Statistic’s show we drink mainly on the go early morning, lunch time, or on our way home after a hard day at the office, with this high coffee consumption, trees and fossil reserves can run out. Luckily, biodegradable paper cups assure us of uninterrupted coffee drinking.

Sugar cane, sugar beets and cornstarch are the raw materials used to make the PLA coating. These materials are easy to plant and grow. Besides, sugar cane sprouts back a few weeks after harvesting.

Raw paper material is made from a mix of recycled & virgin pulp, the recycled paper is sourced from the worlds population recycling their waste paper, like newpapers, coffee cups, cardboards etc, all of which make up the recycled elements, the virgin pulp is from sustainable forrests, this is forestry grown in controlled environments to make sure that the sustainablity remains, and not from your countryside.

Biodegradable Paper Cups are 100% Recyclable

Are paper cups recyclable? Well, yes, paper cups are recyclable. Plus, it’s easier to recycle PLA biodegradable paper cups. Yet, you need to take these coffee cups to the right facilities to have them recycled.

Most people assume all coffee cups are difficult to recycle. There are even campaigns urging coffee cups that bypass recycling without creating waste. Fortunately, the recyclability of PLA paper cups allays all recycling fears. 

Several companies have popped up to provide paper cup recycling services. Businesses that are serious about recycling end up boosting recycling rates. But, most recycling plants accept only PLA paper cups. 


Compostable cups
Compostable Paper Cups

Sometimes, recycling coffee cups can be hectic. Usually, you need to isolate the contaminants from the coffee cup before recycling. It’s also impossible to recycle PLA with other ordinary plastics. This is because PLA’s origin is different from petroleum plastics.

Biodegradable paper cups create an option that could end recycling problems. Instead of recycling, the containers can also compost. And that helps to reduce waste reduction stress.

The composting option is a leg up for some businesses. For some companies, industrial composting facilities are more accessible than recycling plants. In this case, it becomes more convenient to compost and cut transport cost.

Some business owners may own home composting facilities. They can thus pile used coffee cups and transport them to their homes for composting. Home composting at temperatures of about 65 C can transform biodegradable paper cups into manure. 

Made from Food Safe Materials

Clean food is the priority of any customer. Everyone wants to consume coffee without the fear of risking their health. Over the years, coffee cups have presented health concerns. Thus a ditch to biodegradable paper cups was the best choice. 

Plastic raised worries of cancer-causing chemicals. Foam cups were the bearers of the toxic styrene. Remember, exposure to styrene can cause headaches and fatigue. It can also lead to kidney effects, concentration problems, and so forth. 

Biodegradable paper cups use food-grade paper boards and food-safe inks. Meaning, the wood is free from any chemicals, and the ink poses zero health risks. 

For a buyer or customer, it’s challenging to determine the paper cup’s safety features. That’s why it’s always wise to buy from a credible supplier.

Heat Resistant

Whether you’re a business owner or customer, you want the best quality coffee cups. When it comes to coffee, hot is most of the times the best. As such, heat resistant coffee cups can meet the needs of most customers.

Usually, most paper cups are sturdy. Thus they can prevail against heat. In our case, we use 300 GSM boards to ensure the most resilience in the biodegradable paper cup. The PLA insulation also boosts heat resistance.

If you’ve served coffee for takeout, you wish it can stay warm for long. Paper cups double walling reduces conduction. Paper is also not the best conductor, and that boosts heat retention.

In essence, you can last three hours with your coffee still warm. Meaning, whether you’re travelling or going for a picnic, you can always count on paper cups. 

Vast in Supply

Supply affects business stability. If there’s no guarantee of supplies, operations can come to a standstill. Sustainability shouldn’t come at the expense of business stability. Thus, you can only consider a product sustainable if it meets supply and demand needs.

When you introduce a great product, you want to assure customers of consistent supply. The next time they return to your business, they expect you to meet their demand. That explains why constant supply is a crucial component of a stable market. 

Biodegradable paper cups fit in as sustainable because their origin assures business stability. Fact, they come from renewable products. If demand goes up, increased corn production can meet the needs of every coffee lover.


As efforts to drop plastics persist, the biodegradable paper cup continues to gain traction. Currently, there seems to be no better rival for biodegradable coffee cups.

If you consider price, there’s a close match between plastics and paper cups. Foam cups are too risky to enter the pricing contest. Both plastics and paper cups are abundant in supply, and that makes them less pricey.

As a business, an affordable item goes beyond pricing. You’ll need to consider if your product meets legislations, market and environment needs. Here, biodegradable paper cups score the most points. Not to forget, they also meet the current consumer tastes. 

Coffee Cups That Assure Sustainability

Biodegradable Paper Cup
Compostable paper cup

You now know PLA biodegradable paper cups brace the most desirable sustainability elements. They are recyclable, compostable and also safe for your health. Their ample supply promises you’ll always meet the demand of your customers. 

If you want to buy biodegradable paper cups, search for credible vendors. By a good chance, we are here for you. Contact us for a steady supply of biodegradable paper cups, food sleeves and ice cream cups.