Buying branded paper cups for your establishment, shouldn’t be a struggle. In this article, we will take you through four easy steps of buying biodegradable paper cups

We expect onward you’ll be able to buy coffee cups that always promote your green credentials. 

So, let’s jump into your coffee cup buying guide straight away!

Know Your Biodegradable Paper Cups 

It’s never been easier to choose paper cups. An ideal paper cup for your business is biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. your paper cups must provide you with at least three options to discard it. 

Thinking people

Thanks to cornstarch, coffee cups are more sustainable than ever. Paper and cornstarch are a match made in heaven.

Paper is biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. Cornstarch or PLA is also biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. If you buy a PLA coated paper cup, you can be sure of a cleaner and a healthier planet.

But wait, there’s more you need to know before clicking the order button. 

1. Compare and Contrast Coffee Cup Sellers

Comparing biodegradable paper cups

Buying paper cups has never been the same since their association with waste. Previously, price and quality were the only things to consider. Today, you must contemplate your imprint on the environment. 

There’s also the green branding aspect that matters in tonnes for the modern business. Every product you use in your business affects consumer perceptions.

Unfortunately, not all suppliers are honest about the features of their coffee cups. So, it’s now more challenging to buy coffee cups despite the increase in suppliers.

Before you pay for your coffee cups, confirm whether your supplier meets all the biodegradable standards. Here are some pointers to help you pick the right paper cups supplier.

What to Consider When Looking for a Coffee Cups Supplier 

  • Positive and Authentic Reviews 

Customers’ feedback on a company’s Google business page, website and social media tell a lot about its products. You can rely on the online reviews to assess any biodegradable paper cups seller.

If you visit social media pages, you can tell how a manufacturer regards its customers. A credible manufacturer responds to customers queries faster. They also interact with them to bolster relationships.

Online reviews can also help you to tell the quality and the user experience attributed to a product. More positive reviews can signal an excellent product. Through the feedbacks, you can predict customer service. That way, you can be able to pick the right supplier for coffee shop needs.

  • Genuine Product Descriptions

When buying coffee cups, you want a trustworthy supplier. Product descriptions and blog posts can reveal the genuineness of a manufacturer. Given the conflict about coffee cups, a seller should educate readers on sustainability.

Read the product descriptions to confirm if the seller is honest about their cups. The best descriptions should reveal the quality of wood, and if the printing ink is safe. Also, the supplier must declare if they use paper boards from certified woodlands.

  • Delivery Commitments

Delivery is the last stage in a buying cycle. And it’s so useful in rating the all-round consumer experience. Besides, your order is about meeting your customer’s needs. How fast your batch arrives at your business can affect customer satisfaction levels.

So, your supplier must say when you’ll receive your paper cups after placing your order. 

Ask about all shipping options. Does your manufacturer commit to timely deliveries? What are their delivery costs? Which shipping option do they recommend customers?

The best biodegradable paper cups supplier have fast turnaround times, to meet your deadlines.

  • Extra Benefits and Offers

Before buying biodegradable paper cups, look for other benefits that differentiate your supplier. Confirm the minimum order quantities to know if they can fit your budget needs. 

Also, ask if your manufacturer provides storage services for bulky orders. Sometimes a manufacturer can charge you for sending a quote. If you find a supplier who accepts free quotes, you can cut a few of your buying costs. 

2. Confirm Manufacturer’s Reputation

Buying coffee cups can be tricky. And when a product’s name is ambiguous, it becomes more confusing to make the right purchase. Also, many manufacturers label their products biodegradable as a gimmick. Thus, you must be cautious when buying coffee cups.

Even so, if you confirm the seller’s reputation, you can find the real biodegradable paper cups. For a start, visit local business directories. Then check with government agencies to establish the credibility of your supplier.

Friends and business associates can also lead you to a manufacturer of your choice. The best part, friend’s recommendations are more reliable and authentic. 

3. Order Your Biodegradable Paper Cups 

After researching and settling on your chosen vendor, it’s time to send your free quote. If you’ve picked the best supplier, sending your quote should be as easy as shelling peas. 

Visit your supplier’s website. Then place your quote while enjoying your morning cup of coffee. Next, a customer care rep should reach out to keep you on the loop on the next step about your order. 

4. Enjoy Coffee in Peace

If you buy biodegradable paper cups from us, we can guarantee shipping within 48 hours. We also provide free storage for bulky orders. So, our customers can rest assured they’ll enjoy timely delivery and less buying costs.