Drinking coffee should be a fun and exciting social activity. But a coffee cup can taint or refine the entire experience. Because of the cup’s coating, drinking coffee can be your most regrettable moment.

By now, you know a coffee cup can harm marine life, degrade the ecosystem, with an unsafe coffee cup, every sip of coffee is equal to a crime.

because, you have all the power at your disposal to protect the ecosystem. If you’re a coffee vendor, you can help your entire community to enjoy coffee safely and responsibly.

therefore, if you’re a coffee-lover, you can choose a joint that values your life. Until the entry of the compostable paper cup, drinking coffee was a risky venture. But now you know the friendliest companion to kill your coffee cravings.

Compostable Coffee Cup 

Until recently, coffee cups were styrene, or polyethene coated. Some businesses persist with these coffee cups despite the known risks. Today, safe coffee paper cups comprise a cornstarch or sugar bagasse coating.

Compostable Paper Cups
compostable paper cups

because their has never been a more biodegradable or compostable alternative coffee cup, today we have this alternative, the corn starch/sugar bagasse coated option, be it for the environment, or human safety, this biodegradable paper cup seems the batter way to go. If you wished for a recyclable friend for your latte, the corn starch cup is there for you,

furthermore, If you’re a coffee devotee, you must know the carbon imprint from polyethene cups. These types of cup’s waste imprint is also distressing for all concerned parties. Today, the disposable cup is part of the tonnes of waste in landfills.

What are Cornstarch and Sugar Bagasse? 

Let’s start with the cornstarch coated, compostable paper cup. Plastic’s unsustainability pushed some manufacturers to find sustainable options. Research led to renewable materials as the best and most sustainable alternatives.

furthermore, you now drink your coffee or enjoy ice cream from a corn starch cup. In the paper cup industry, the cup is famous as the polylactic cup or PLA. The cornstarch material comes from fast-growing plants like beets, wheat and corn.

therfore, manufacturers isolate sugars from the crops to create polylactic acid, this material then gets processed to form PLA film for the compostable paper cups. 

besides, PLA products rank as renewable and compostable. their raw material is accessible throughout the world. PLA can also break down in industrial composting facilities within 45 days.

therefore, If you’ve got a composting yard, the compostable paper cup can also degrade there. But, you must bury the cups deep enough to ensure there’s a high temperature for composting.

Is Sugar Bagasse Compostable?

Many factors contribute to environmental degradation, but few attract the deserved backlash. Sugar bagasse, if not processed into paper pulp, gets incinerated. This causes carbon emissions and pollutes the air.

Because, sugar bagasse may be a revelation for a paper cup manufacturer. It replaces wood sources in papermaking. Instead of discarding sugar cane pulp, it gets manufactured into food packaging items.

For that reason, Processing sugar pulp into packaging products is another eco-friendly step to replace plastic, the processing of this material incurs less energy and fewer costs in production. 

Environmental Benefits of Cornstarch and Sugar Bagasse

Cornstarch polylactic Acid
Cornstarch from sweetcorn

Cornstarch and sugar bagasse are now taking over in green packaging. Green businesses are now awash with compostable materials. From paper cups to plates to sleeves, these materials are now the in thing. 

Furthermore, we are now seeing a wipeout of the plastic cups. Compostable coffee cups are the choice, as you sip a guilt free coffee,

Most worthy note, knowing your are doing you bit to help the planet, does make you feel good, in the knowledge that your coffee cup will end up being compost. 

besides this, you can be sure your coffee bingeing is a way to helping reducing your carbon footprint. Yet, you need to be responsible for how you dispose of the used coffee cups.

Most of the times, standard recycling bins takes the coffee cup to landfills. Yet, there are systems in place that can help to reduce paper cup waste.

In Island, the waste management corporation had to remind people of the paper cup’s composability. Since 2003, the company has composted millions of paper cups. 

Similarly, cornstarch materials come as a stable alternative to Styrofoam and plastics. Styrofoam and plastic can’t compost. If you were to break them down, the particles could still leach chemicals into the soils.

What to Do With Increasing Waste in Landfills

Landfill sites
Waste management landfill sites

Are you taking your 5th or 6th cup of coffee? Now, imagine millions of other coffee lovers doing the same. If you pile all those coffee cups together, they’ll add up to mounds and mounds of waste.

therefore, the paper cup waste in our landfills is already extreme. recycling can help to some point to reduce waste. but, for the most waste reduction, compostable paper cups is the next best alternative. 

similarly, using a coffee cup, you only have two disposing of options. You can either put it in the right recycling bin or set it aside for composting. But please don’t trash it in any other high street bin. 

Most advanced recycling bins allow separation of the coffee cup from its contaminants. Some recycling companies also provide tailored paper cup collection points for larger businesses.

Therfore, if your business can’t access specialised bin or recycling services, composting is the way to go. The thing is, the separation of the cup from the contaminants can be hectic. 

because, as long as you’re using the compostable coffee cup, there’s always a way to get rid of them safely, that is compost the compostable paper cup!

Looking for the Corn Starch Compostable Paper Cup?

Using eco-friendly coffee cups isn’t only good for the environment but also for your business. Your reputation is secure with products that protect your customer. With compostable coffee cups, you can preserve resources and save the environment. Contact us for the corn starch coated coffee cups.