The Cold Cup that started the paper cup revolution

Single Wall Paper Cups are the original paper cups, invented to prevent contagious diseases from spreading. Before this, at common public places, people were forced to drink from water pots using mugs, and reusing the same mug were one primary reason of diseases growing to epidemic proportions

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Ice Cream Cups – Features and Dimensions


  • Single Wall Ice Cream Tubs.
  • PE Coated.
  • Disposable.
  • 4 Colours to Full colour prints available.
  • Printed with Food safe non toxic inks.
  • Minimum 265 gsm boards used.
  • Unlimited design options.
  • Available with Transparent Dome Lids
Size Top Rim Diameter Bottom Rim Diameter Height QTY/CTN CTN Dimensions
3oz 72mm 60mm 40mm 2000 590x370x550mm
5oz 80mm 65mm 45mm 1000 445X355X595mm
8oz 90mm 74mm 51mm 1000 505X405X580mm

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Printed Paper Cups have always been the favourite micro branding platform that people choose, and now with the 100% Biodegradable and 100% Compostable Paper Cups, the problem of contributing to land mass and water body pollution by contaminating the environment because the PE coated paper was not biodegradable, is gone forever.



We only buy paper from paper mills that are either FSC or PEFC certified, to ensure that the paper cups you place in front of your customer, do not carry the guilt of deforestation, now with the same paper being PLA or Bio-plastic coated, you can be sure that none of your cups will end up in land fills and take thousands of years to degrade, and even then leave fragments of plastic that would end up contaminating soil and water.


Ice cream cups provide an excellent space for promoting your brand. If you are an ice cream maker, you of course would love to utilize the space to promote your brand image and engage customers, take direct orders using our Customer Engagement solutions. Printed Paper Cups can provide you with top of the line custom branded ice cream tubs for maximum customer engagement and loyalty.
The PE coating and the high quality board used provides excellent moisture barrier, preventing moisture penetrating the outer surface oft the cups.
The cups are environment friendly and recyclable.

 Available with clear dome lids that fit snugly on the rim of the ice cream cups.


Custom printed ice cream pots are the obvious choice for ice cream, ice cream snacks, cold coffee ice creams, yogurt, and slush.

With dome lids, the ice cream tubs have various other uses, many customers use these ice cream pots to serve sauces at take aways, where you get another excellent opportunity of branding your products other than the packaging of the food.

Biodegradable Paper Cups

Biodegradable Single Wall Cups

Biodegradable Single Wall Cups

Single Wall Biodegradable Paper Cups

Single Wall Biodegradable Paper Cups

Biodegradable Branded Cups

Biodegradable Branded Cups

Biodegradable Printed Paper Cups

Biodegradable Printed Paper Cups

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