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Biodegradable Paper Cups Reduce Landfill

Biodegradable Paper Cups have been receiving a lot of attetion off late, but adotion is still a little slow, this is primarily due to the fact that businesses do not want to be the first trial case. Everyone wants to know how the PLA coating holds on to piping hot drinks or cold drinks on the long run, does it still have the old reputation of being flaky and leaky etc.

Although technology today has provided several improved solutions that are 100% better than earlier PLA based papers, mixed resins like Earth Coating or extrusion coated pure PLA like we use, are all exhibiting strong heat resistant properties and have enough tensile strength to prevent easy cracking, people still want to test the waters first. For Naked Juices, it happened to be that they have responded to the call of one particular

Exhibition Management that has been requesting biodegradable paper cups, so that they could put them directly in the composting only bin, without having to put them in a bin for specialised paper cup recycling.

Naked was game for it and ordered the first lot of PLA coated biodegradable paper cups and as far as the feedback goes, they are as good as the traditional PE coated cups and everyone seems to be happy. Let's hope for a greener future and let's go gung ho for BIODEGRADABLE PAPER CUPS only.

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